Published on Sunday, January 08, 2017

Jeddah College of Advertising has proudly obtained professional recognition from the international Advertising Association IAA.

The ceremony was attended by a group of senior staff in the advertising industry in the Kingdom, from international, regional and local advertising agencies, as well as parents of graduates and alumni. During his two days visit, Mr. Lee met all the leaders, deans and directors of centers and facilities at the University, and the University students in Dhahban and the female section in Jeddah.

Mr. Michael Lee expressed that he came to the Kingdom with positive impressions about the level of students in JCA, based on how they effectively participated during conferences that took place in Dubai over the past four years.

He added that he was really personally impressed with the abilities, competence, equipment and laboratories available in the College for teaching and administrative staff, technicians and students and all faculty members. He also praised the global professional level of the students for their graduation projects in anticipation of future cooperation with the college in international advertising projects.  With regards to graduates, the students get a certificate recognized by the Academy of the Ministry of Education for a bachelor degree, in addition to a professional diploma certificate recognized by the International Advertising Association IAA.

This agreement is the culmination of the University to secure its graduates academically and professionally at the same time to prepare them for the job market.

The first group of graduates includes 24 female students and 11 male students who are the first to join Saudi labor market for the year 2016. It is also expected to be the opening of the first branch of the International Advertising Association in the Kingdom, at the School of Advertising in Jeddah in 2017. This allows the branch to take advantage of all professional services for the society for both students and practitioners of the profession of advertising in the Kingdom.


Dr. Abdullah Sadiq Dahlan, Mr. Michael Lee

Prof. Hussein Mohamed Ali-Al-Alawi, 
Dr. Haneen Shoaib, Mr. Michael Lee, Student Darein saheban

Prof. Hussein Mohamed Ali-Al-Alawi, 
Dr. Haneen Shoaib, Mr. Michael Lee, student Badr alhameed

JCA Staff

The ceremony

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