UBT's Governance Structure

UBT’s Governance Structure complements its Academic Structure and has been through several evolutionary stages and is still subject to change. This is natural for a growing University, however, it should be emphasized that UBT’s strategy is neither to be a duplicate of a public university, nor does it intend continuous growth. The capacity that UBT decided upon is to stay as a private small to medium size university of 5 to 6 thousand students. The existing organizational structure is depicted in the following chart whereby it can be seen that the Rector (CEO) is in charge of all academic, as well as administrative functions of the University. Along with the help of the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs (VRAA) and Senior Administrative Officer (SAO), they run the university operations. The Rector, VRAA and Deans implement strategies, policies, procedures and by-laws mandated by the BOT and UC. The Decision Making (DM) process actually flows from the bottom upwards starting at the Departmental Level (Department Council), College Level (College Council) and University Level (University Council). With this framework, the key responsibilities and functions of each key officer as the date of this report are as follows:

Please note that the following structure is subject to change as per the University’s evolution. Appropriately, the QDA would be a separate Vice-Rectorship under the Rector’s span of control, as well as the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research. The SAO will be a Directorate General of Shared Services for the three Campuses: Dahban, Sari and the MBA Center.


Rectors Span of Control
  • Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research.
  • Deanship of Student Affairs.
  • Director of Legal Affairs.
  • Center of Development and Continued Education.
  • Director of Media and Public Relations (PR).
  • Director General of Human resources (HR).
  • University Youth Magazine. Director of Rector’s Office
VRAA’s Span of Control
  • Dean of CBA Dahban.
  • Dean of CBA Sari.
  • Dean of CE – Dahban.
  • Dean of JCA – Dahban.
  • Deanship of Libraries.
  • Deanship of Admission & Registration.
  • English Language Academy (ELA).
  • Directorate General of Quality & Development (QDA).
  • Engineering and Projects.
  • Information & Decision Support Center (IDSC).
  • Financial Affairs.
  • General Services.
  • Directorate General Of Human Resources.