Curriculum Vitae of the Rector


Prof. Hussein Mohamed Ali-Al-Alawi,

UBT Rector

Academic Qualifications:
  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), June 1973, University of Southern California,
                   Major:  Management, with emphasis on Human Resources
                   Minors:  Marketing & Finance
                               Dissertation Title:  "Cognitive, Task, and Organizational Complexities in Relation to Information Processing Behavior of  Business Managers" 
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), 1968, University of Southern California, USA.
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting & Business Administration, 1963, College of Commerce, King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA.   
Academic Posts:
  • Rector, University of Business and Technology (UBT), Jeddah, KSA, 14 January 2013 to present 
  • Dean & Professor of Human Resource Management, College of Business Administration, Jeddah, KSA, 01 July 2005 to 2012 
  • Emeritus Professor of Business Administration, 1977, College of Economics & Business, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, KSA 
  • Professor, Management, King Saud University, 1988 – 1996 
  • Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration,  King Saud University, 1980 – 1988 
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, King Saud University, 1975 – 1979
  • Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, King Saud University, 1973 – 1975
  • Demonstrator (TA), Department of Business Administration, College of Administrative Science, (formerly Commerce), King Saud University, 1963 – 1964
Administrative Posts:
  • Rector, University of Business & Technology (UBT) 14 January 2013 to present
  • Dean, College of Business Administration (CBA) 01 July 2005 – 2012)
  • Dean, College of Graduate Studies (Graduate School), K.S.U., 1986 – 1993
  • Dean, College of Administrative Science, K.S.U., 1980 – 1986
  • Director of the Research Center,  College of Administrative Science, K.S.U., 1978 – 1980
  • Vice Dean, College of Administrative Science, K.S.U., 1976 – 1978
  • Chairman,  Department of Business Administration, 
  • College of Administrative Science, K.S.U., 1974 -1976 


Professional Association Activities:
  • Member of the American Management Association (AMA)
  • Member of the American Academy of Management
  • Member of the American Assembly of the Collegial Schools of Business (AACSB)
  • Member of the Saudi Management Association
  • Member of the Arab Management Association
  • Member of the Saudi Accounting Association
Academic Councils:
  • Member of the Scientific Council of Higher Institute of Police Sciences, Riyadh Saudi Arabia, for two years
  • Member of King Saud University Council and K.S.U's Supreme Council (equivalent to the Board of Trustees) for 12 years.
  • Member of K.S.U's Scientific Council for two years.
  • Member of King Abdulaziz University Supreme Council for three years
  • Chairman and Member of numerous councils, Academic and Administrative Committees, at the College, University, and the Ministry of Higher Education levels.
Teaching Experience:

 Throughout my academic career,  I taught graduate and undergraduate courses in General Business (Management), Organization Theory, Research Methodology, Operations Management, Marketing, Organization Behavior and Human Resource Management.

Professional Activities:
  • Member in numerous permanent and Adhoc  Academic and Administrative Committees at K.S.U. since 1973,  King Abdulaziz University, and College of Business Administration.  
  • Member of the Editorial Board of several Arab Journals of Administration 
  • Served as an External Examiner and supervised several Master's Theses in Business Administration and Doctoral Dissertations in Saudi and American Universities 
  • Designed, conducted and participated  in many conventions, seminars, workshops and training programs covering a wide spectrum of managerial topics such as M.B.O. Decision Making, Motivation, Leadership, and Communication.


Consulting Activities:

Served as a part-time consultant to several governmental ministries  (agencies).  The consulting work involved the undertaking or supervising institutional researches.  Among these are : 

  • The Ministry of Finance and National Economy
  • Office of the President of the General Bureau of Civil Service
  • Office of His Royal Highness,  the Minister of Interior
  • Office of the General Secretary of the Supreme Council of Manpower
  • Office of the President of the General Directorate  of Girls Education
  • Office of His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education
Public Service Roles:

Member  of Al-Shoura Council (Saudi Parliament), 1998 – 2006, and Chairman of the Educational Committee for one year.

Publications & Presentations:
  • "The Role of the University in Management Development" presented to the Convention of the University Mission, K.S.U., (November 1974).
  • "The Concept of Bureaucracy: Revisited" Journal of Public Administration, No. 17, (1975), pp. 93-108.
  • "The Financial Growth of the Firm" Journal of the College of Commerce", No. 4. (1975 – 1976).
  • "The Systems Approach to Managerial Training: a Behavioral Perspective", presented to the First Arab Convention on Managerial Training,  Tunisia, Feb. 10-27, (1976).
  • "The University as an Integrated Managerial System", Journal of the College of Commerce,  Vol. 5, (1976-77), pp. 105-134.
  • "The Retraining of University Faculty Members: The Case of the College of Commerce, K.S.U., "Journal of the League of Arab Universities, Vol. 13, (1978), pp. 13-22.
  • "Marketing Difficulties and Expansion Potentialities Facing the Fertilizers Industry in the K.S.A., "(Co-authored) College of Administration Sciences' Research Center, K.S.U. (1978)
  • "The Demand for Five Stars Hotels in the K.S.A. " (Co-authored), College of Administrative Sciences, Research Center, K.S.U. (1978).
  • "Effective Project Evaluation" Journal of Industrial World, Vol. II, (1979). pp. 19-25.
  • "Job Description: An Approach to University Organization" The Arab Organization of Administrative Sciences, Res. No. 238, (1980). 76 pages.
  • "The Administrative and Economic Dimensions of Unemployment",  Journal of Administrative Sciences, No. 7, (1980) pp. 71-88.
  • "The Effect of Age and Administrative Control on the Performance of Students studying in the U.S.: A Behavioral Study., "Journal of Economy and Administration, Vol. 13, (1981) pp. 39-65.
  • "Toward an Effective Market Forecasting", Journal of Industrial World, Vol. 14, (1981), pp. 20-27.
  • "Policy Making and Effective Leadership: A National Study of Academic Management, by J.V. Baltridge (et. al), Jossey-Bass, 1978.  A Book Review (Co-authored), The Arab Journal of Administration, Vol. 5,  No. 1-2 (1981), pp. 120-131.
  • "Skilled Health Manpower Requirements for the K.S.A.: 1980-1990", (Co-authored).  The College of Administrative Sciences Research Center, K.S.U. (1982). 103 page
  • "Behavioral Characteristics of the Saudi Buyer from the Supermarkets" (Co-authored).  The College of Administrative Sciences Research Center, K.S.U. (132 pages), (1983).  Republished in a Concise form,  Journal of Accounting, Admin., and Insurance, University of Cairo, No. 31, (1983), pp. 43-84.
  • "The Emergence of Self-Service Marketing Technology in Saudi Arabia" (239 pages).  The College of Administrative Sciences Research Center, (1984).  Republished in a Concise form as, "Saudi Arabia Making Sense of Self-Service".  International Marketing Review, Vol. 3, No. 1 (Spring 1986), pp. 21-38.
  • "Determinants of Career Choice and Mobility:  a Cognitive Style Approach to Decision Making"  Journal of Public Administration,  No. 56, (Dec. 1987), pp. 43-85.
  • "Toward a Better Congruence Between the Characteristics of the Individual, Task, Organization, and the External Environment".  Journal of Social Sciences,  Vol. 16,  No. 4 (Winter 1988) pp. 183-217.
  • "Determinants of Career Choice and Mobility in the Arab Gulf State".  Presented to the Sixth Gulf Convention on Human Resources Management, Nov. 1988.
  • "Graduate Studies at K.S.U. and the Cooperation Potentials among Arab Gulf States Universities".  Presented to the seminar of Dean's of Graduate Studies of the Arab Gulf States Universities.  1992 Al Doha,  State of Qatar.
  • "Total Quality in Higher Education",  published by the Center of Development of University Education,  King Abdulaziz University Jeddah. (1998).
  • "An Administrative Reading in the Biography of King Abdulaziz Al-Saud,  The Founder of the Kingdom",  (Four Parts),  Published in Al-Jazirah Journal No. 10321-10325.  (31-12-2000 to 04-01-2001). 
  • The Development of the Law of Al-Shoura Council since 1922,  a research paper presented to the Convention on the Occasion of King Fahad Bin Abdulaziz rein for 20 years.  King Saud University (Nov. 2001).
  • Many unpublished Administrative  and Economic Studies prepared for Public and Private Ministries and Institutions during my consultation years. 
Attended Conventions:
  • The First Convention on University Mission,  King Saud University, Riyadh, K.S.A. (1974)
  • The First Arab Convention on Civil Service, Riyadh, K.S.A.  (15-29 February 1975)
  • The First Arab Convention on Administrative Training,  Tunisia, (19-27, 1976)
  • The First Scientific Convention for Administrative Development,  The Arab League of Administrative Sciences,  (16-19 January 1980)
  • The Second Arab Convention on Admin Development,  Bagdad, (11 November 1981).
  • Six GCC Convention on Human Resource Management,  (7-10, 1988, UAE)
  • Fourth Saud Business Convention,  Jeddah, Chamber of Commerce (1990)