Deanship of Library Message

Dr. Ali saleh Alkhabti,

Deanship of Central Library - Dahban Campus                   

Dear Students,

The University of Business & Technology's Central Library is a recently developed one working alongside the faculties in order to strengthen educational resources and research within the university. We proudly manage a growing collection of traditional and electronic information resources that cover all programs offered in the university. Our campus libraries have become a key main learning space for students, offering various study facilities for individual and group study.

We strive to uphold the University’s academic programs by offering as much informational resources as we can, and we are working towards facilitating access to other University Libraries’ resources as well as acquiring information from wherever it is available. A recent agreement was signed with KAUST which enables UBT faculty members, students, and researchers to access more than 300 thousand E-texts in all fields. Our priority is to encourage the university community to make full use of the informational resources and facilities. Additionally, we welcome everyone's active participation in the collection and development of our information resources.

Thank you.


Dr. Ali Al-Khabti