How to Apply
  • Kindly, Read UBT Colleges Admission Requirements in the UBT website ( by clicking on (UBT Admission Requirements).
  • Complete the Admission form by clicking on (Apply to UBT) and choose the right choice regarding the degree and gender
  • Create a user name and a password to be able to fill in the Admission form by clicking on (Sign up).
  • Uploading all needed necessary documents.
  • Submit the Admission form and all uploaded documents and keep the reference number.
  • Refer to the Deanship of Admission & Registration (Admission office) in UBT campus (Male – Dahban) & (Female – Sari) Bring all original documents along with the reference number with you for official Verification.
  • After your official documents have verified, you will get your UBT/SSN (Student Social Number) issued.
  • Pay Admission fee (1000 SR) to accountant Dept.
  • Choose the most convenient dates to do the Admission requirements Test by referring to Admission officer.
    • UBT Admission Required Tests are:
    • English Placement Test (only for student who does not have recent – not more than 2 years - IELTS or IBT TOFEL minimum score).
    • Pre- calculus Test (All students). 

​The underline words link it as following: 

How to apply Flow Chart: