How to Register for Courses
  1. Manage your time so that you start registering as soon as Registration opens. This is to enable you to register for the sections that are more convenient to you.
  2. Plan the courses you need to register with your advisor
  3. Pay the tuition fees required. This can be done through your University - Bank IBAN no. You also can pay directly to the Cashier. To avoid waiting time please use the University-Bank supplied IBAN number. More information can be obtained about it  by calling the Registrar's office or the finance division. See the University DIRECTORY on the webpage.
  4. Connect to OPERA ONLINE  ( If you are a new student, you can get your OPERA ONLINE user and password from the Registrar's office.
  5. Register for the courses you planned.
  6. If you have any difficulty in registering a course, check with your advisor in the Department, or the Academic Affairs of the College.
  7. You can modify your registered courses during the ADD/DROP period. Check the CALENDAR. You can still drop a course during the DROP period. However, always you need to consult your advisor and the Academic  Affairs of the College.
  8. Good Luck