UBT’s Finance program seeks to establish a solid analytical base for students to build an outstanding career in Finance. The program develops the ability to understand and analyze the actual daily financial problems in the business world through the use of tools and means which are considered exclusive to the Finance major. The program focuses on developing the students’ ability to direct and manage financial resources of all private establishments and all types of companies and government units. It also explains the dimensions of financial decisions and their impact on the value of the organization as well as profit distribution decisions. The emphasis of the field of specialization is on how to maximize corporate and individual wealth. To select this field, students are expected to have strong background in Math, Statistics, and quantitative analysis.

Department Objectives
  • Developing students’ analytical and problem solving skills in Finance, appropriate for all industrial and production fields
  • Training students to use electronic data bases to make decisions
  • Developing the student's skills in verbal and written communication and training him to use modern information technology, presentations and writing assignments
  • Supporting team work spirit, especially communication skills and the skills in dealing with others through team work and team activities in class work




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