UBT’s Human Resources Management program introduces students to the principles and essentials of Human Resources Management, structure of Human Resources Management system and its environment. There are two main learning categories: Principles of Management and Human Resources Management. Subjects such as Change Management, Labor Relations, Human Resources Development, Performance, Compensation Management and Organization Behavioral Techniques are also studied in depth. The knowledge and skills gained by students throughout the course will enable them to develop certain skills such as:

  • Defining recruitment needs 

  • Defining Employee needs 

  • Build the Human capital potential 

  • Negotiation & communications skills 

  • Encouragement and support of employees 

  • Various other skills

Upon the completion of the program the student will be able to apply ways and means of problem-solving techniques and decision-making in the field of Human Resources Management. The program extends its boundaries to include complementary fields in Business Administration, Finance, Economics, the use of Computers in making administrative decisions and Strategy Building. The student will be also exposed to a number of quantitative analysis tools provided by subjects such as Micro and Macro Economics and Quantitative Business Analysis.

UBT’s Human Resource Management major is considered the gate to a variety of career opportunities due to the essential role of Human Resources in all types and forms of small or large, local or international institutions. Nevertheless, profitable organizations are not the only area of employment; a Human Resources Management graduate can also find opportunities in non-profitable organizations. The Co-op training program at the college assists students to make the right choice of the field of employment in Human Resources Management, Aside Bridging the gap between educational aspects and professional life.

Department Objectives
  • Develop students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities to manage the performance of Human Resources in the business sector.
  • Prepare students with adequate skills to practice Human Resources Management in a competitive environment.
  • Provide students with the necessary background in Human Resources Management and administrative sciences which prepares them to higher studies