Insurance major is a program presented by Insurance Department; College of Business Administration, University of Business and Technology in Jeddah, KSA. The program introduces students to the principles and essentials of risk and insurance theory. The student will be prepared for the roles and responsibilities of the insurance and reinsurance specialist as an underwriter, adjuster, claims handling and examiner, and business development specialist.
The essential skills the student will acquire in this program will enhance his/her employment opportunities in the field of risk, risk management and insurance. The program allows graduates to participate effectively in both private and governmental sectors.
There are more jobs in the field of insurance and risk management than qualified people to fill them. Graduates find great career opportunities in the field of insurance industry, as well as corporations, factories, hospitals and governmental units which are recognizing insurance and risk management as on important and growing field.

Department Objectives

The program of insurance provides students grounding on:

  • Understand and have awareness of insurance professional standard and ethics.
  • Basic insurance principles (both technical and legal), including the regulatory environment.
  • Key insurance disciplines of underwriting and claims handling.
  • Popular areas of insurance operations including property / liability, and life / health insurance, and reinsurance beside pension and social insurance.