In the Fall of 2007, in consultation with education experts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a decision was made by the UBT Board of Trustees to establish an Engineering College with three specific programs; namely, Industrial Engineering, Electronics and Communications, and Computer Engineering. In later years, civil engineering and IT programs were added to what we now know as the College of Engineering (CE). Currently in 2016, in light of the strong labor market requirements for engineers of various specializations, CE aims to honor the University of Business and Technology’s guarantee of "Education for Job Opportunities". We continue to strive in providing the disciplines that benefit the immediate requests of multiple industries.

Our CE programs are licensed by the Ministry of Education (MOE), and are in high demand from entry-level students and the 2-year technical colleges’ graduates.

CE is located in a unique state-of-the-art building that was specially designed for engineering education. It boasts an outstanding line-up of professional educators of various disciplines, and is duly equipped with the up-to-date laboratory equipment. CE provides academic education and research that reach high academic standards.