Architectural program is one of only a few in this rapidly developing field in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, educating the next generation of architectural engineers who will create buildings of tomorrow that work effectively and efficiently, making sure they are structurally sound, provide environmental comfort to occupants in all seasons, power their lights, computers, and machines, and protect inhabitants in case of fire. Drawing from an architect’s knowledge of design and a civil engineer’s understanding of structures, the integrated, technically focused Architectural Engineering program educates students in a built environment through interdisciplinary projects and hands-on learning.
A student has to complete a total of 163 credit hours. The Department of Civil Engineering offers 3 tracks: Construction, Lighting/Electrical and Mechanical.


Architecture Engineering Department has to get a good regional reputation in the graduation of leaders who will contribute effectively to the development of society.


The mission of the Architecture Department is to serve as a leading national and international studio-based program in the art and science of architecture that is responsive to the most important social, environmental, technological, and cultural challenges of the twenty-first century, and to achieve excellence in teaching, research, design, outreach, advising, and service to society.