Job Opportunities

Computer hardware engineers are responsible for designing, developing, and supervising the installation and production of computer hardware. Computer hardware contains several devices such as, modems, keyboards, printers, chips, computer systems, and circuit boards. Computer hardware engineers have similar duties as electronics engineers, but hardware engineers concentrate completely on computer technology.

Computer software engineers are using the concepts of computer science and mathematical tools to develop and design software used to control computers. Since technology is continuing to grow, the duties of computer software engineers is continually modified.

Software engineers have opportunities to design or develop computer games, operating systems, word processors, and compilers which convert machine language to be processed on a computer.

Computer software engineers evaluate customers' requirements and develop software to satisfy them. During this process, engineers design algorithms, instructions that control computer functions. Sometimes engineers change algorithms to a computer language, which is also known as coding or programming, but this job is usually performed by programmers. Computer software engineers must have experience in middleware and operating systems to be sure that other systems are functioning properly. Additional job assignments may include:

  • Work in specialized computer laboratories.
  • Work in applications that require computer control and measurement sensors.
  • Work in transportation systems where computer control is involved.
  • Work in system design and manufacturing companies.
  • Work in companies dealing with design, operation, and maintenance of information systems.