• To connect alumni to the University and its current students
  • To provide valued services to members
  • To support the University's mission, and
  • To narrow the gap between the labor market needs and university education


  • To achieve the UBT objectives 
  • To build loyalty Alumni Loyalty 
  • To nurture relationships with current and future alumni, and engage them in University culture 
  • To coordinate, and promote programs that instill goodwill and pride, and provide opportunities for professional growth and social interaction
  • To promote and enhance effective communications between the University and its Alumni
  • To ensure the quality of our future alumni by continuing to assist the University in identifying and recruiting future students 
  • To enrich the knowledge of graduate students through interviews with experts in the same field 
  • To keep Graduate Students informed and updated with any job opportunities
Graduates Affairs Department (Alumni):

Takes care of the following:

  • Identifying practical life of the graduates and their suitability for specialization.
  • Cooperation with the graduates in the search for the right job. 
  • Getting university graduates fully aware of UBT activities being held. 
  • The establishment of at least two events per year to which graduates are invited. 
  • New graduates’ data recording.
  • Forming a diagram clarifying graduates’ status (places of work and posts).
  • Collecting data for all graduates starting with the first batch graduated from college. Then updating and correcting their data on a regular basis.
  • Continuous communication with previous years graduates, and provide them with all the news and invitations to attend university events.
  • Working on issuing the graduate card, for free, in order for them to benefit from the advantages of the card.
  • Creating Facebook and Linked in accounts to ease communication with alumni.