Strategic Plan


In order to achieve its goal, the College has developed a number of strategic plans. A Glimpse of them is as follows:

  • Offering innovative program that integrates traditional legal analysis and practical skills.
  • Introducing ethics, professionalism and integrity into curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • Inviting country leading lawyers and judges of different courts as mentor for students.
  • Teaching majority of courses in English in order to facilitate the opportunity for students to have further education abroad and the opportunity to practice in International court.
  • Providing comparative legal studies, so that a student gains detail and critical knowledge of International law and develops confidence in international collaboration on different legal issues.
  • Offering summer courses at an internationally renowned university.
  • Engaging students with law club, which will build their confidence dealing with different categories of people of the society, develop their skill of solving different practical issues, give them the opportunity to get experience of conducting different programs.
  • Facilitating Moot Court trail in order to develop their skill in research and advocacy so that they can participate in national and international competitions.