Message of the General Director of ELA



Dr. Jamil Mahmoud Merdad, Ph.D.,

Associate Professor

The General Director of ELA

University of Business & Technology.

The General Director of ELA                   
University of Business and Technology
P.O.Box  110200    Jeddah, 21361   Saudi Arabia
Telephone: +96612-2159001


Dear Students,

Welcome to your gateway to a bright and prosperous academic future. Welcome to ELA!

The English Language Academy (ELA) is your door to one of Saudi Arabia's most prestigious, forward-thinking private universities: The University of Business and Technology (UBT).
We are committed to preparing you for the diversity of academic life in a nurturing, and supportive environment.
Our integrated English language program is designed to guide you towards the right decisions for excelling in the competitive academic life at our distinguished colleges: CBA, CEIT, and JCA where your dreams will come true!

We look forward to joining hands with you to achieve your goals.

Best wishes.