Fees And Payments

The finance department serves the students from initial entry to final march to graduation in the two-year Master of Engineering Management (MEM). All financial matters are transacted in this office specifically the collection of the required school fees:

  1. Admission fee
  2. Tuition fee
  3. Graduation fee

Tuition Fees

Recognizing that attending the MEM Program of the Collage of Engineering is a significant investment of time and money, we strive to provide our students with various means to finance the degree. Total tuition cost of the Two-Year Program is approximately SAR 132,702. Tuition is set by the University’s Board of Trustees and is ratified each year.

Tuition Fees Breakdown

The cost of each semester varies depending on the number of units taken. Students will not be allowed to register any credit hours unless payment is received in full (40% is accepted).

  1. Admission Fees is 1000 S.R.
  2. PRE- MEM courses S.R. 3000/ per course.
  3. Core and major Engineering (ENGM code courses) are S.R 3200/- per Credit Hour.
  4. Core and Elective Administrative courses are S.R 2917/- per Credit Hour.
  5. Intensive Course for English Language fees is S.R. 6500 per level (not a part of the MEM Program).

Method of Payments:

New students can pay the first time to the University cashier. All students can pay tuitions through the special Bank account that is given to them through their OPERAONLINE accounts. They also can pay to the University cashier or by credit card through visa etc.

Payments Schedule

The full-time MEM student has 4 academic terms. Tuition is charged per term. Payments may be made by bank draft, electronic fund transfer through the student given (IBAN) at the Saudi French Bank (Banque Saudi Fransi) or Cash. Program tuition is due in three instalments as follows:

50% At the beginning of each term
25% Prior to Midterm
25% At the end of each term

Pre-registration Down Payment

In case of a pre-registration, a student is required to pay 25% of the total value of the courses registered at the time of registration. The other 25% due for the semester is due at the start of ordinary registration period.
Note: For furthermore any information regarding finance and payments.
Please contact
Mr. Moaad Jamil Fakerha.
Email: moaad@UBT.EDU.SA
Tel: 012- 2159120