Grades & Graduation Regulations

Grade Point Average (GPA) Semester/Term

It is the average of the total points of all academic units divided by the number of credit hours for the specific semester. Points are calculated by multiplying each academic unit by its corresponding weight of points.

Grade Point Average, Cumulative

It is the average of total points divided by the number of credit hours for all completed credit hours by a student for all semesters.

Grade Reports

Semester grade reports are not mailed to students. Semester final grades are typically available through OPERA approximately one week after the close of the semester. Students may view their grades by logging onto OPERA.

Incomplete Grade

Is a temporary grading which describes the excused inability of a student to complete the course requirement at the decided time and it is usually shown by the letters (IC). It is not calculated in the grade point average.

Grades Breakdown

Grading is one of the primary means of communicating the student’s performance and level of understanding of the subject matter. For the purpose of communicating the level of performance achieved, the following grades have been adopted:

In rare instances, students may not be able to finish all work-related materials in order for the faculty to award a grade. In these instances, a grade of IC may be issued. All IC grades must be changed no later than the end of the following term or they automatically convert to a grade of ‘’F’’.

Graduation Requirements

Regardless of the area of concentration, students that have completed and successfully passed the requirements of 42 credit hours and achieved a minimum GPA of 3.75 out of 5 shall be deemed candidates for graduation. Students with less than 3.75 GPA are not eligible for graduation until they raise their GPA to the minimum required.

Honour Students

MEM students who have earned at least 90% of their total credits at Collage of Engineering-MEM program and do not have any grade of “C” is awarded the following honors:
GPA of 4.75 - 5.00 -   Excellent
GPA of 4.50 - <4.75 - Very Good
GPA of 4.25 - <4.50 - Good
Honors are indicated on the student’s Official Transcript of Records and diploma.

Duration of Degree Accomplishment

Full-time students must complete all requirements for their degree within “2” years from the date of initial enrolment, excluding any granted leaves of absence. Students must complete all the requirements within “4” years. Part time students must complete all requirements for their degree within “4” years from the date of initial enrolment.