Students with Non-Industrial Engineering Background

For students with non-Industrial Engineering backgrounds, our MEM program act as tool to guide them throughout their career, filling gaps as a knowledge to move forward and take next step within their current organization or opening doors for development and progress in a new direction. Our MEM Program provides a comprehensive Industrial Engineering grounding, it creates opportunities for students from virtually of any background. Accordingly, Collage of Engineering has designed a number of Pre- MEM Courses to accommodate MEM applicants from this category.

The 12-credit Pre-MEM minor is a fast track for any undergraduate non-Industrial Engineering major who wants to continue his/her studies and earns a Master’s of Engineering Management (MEM) at The University of Business and Technology, College of Engineering. The courses serve as a foundation for the MEM program and can be credited in the bachelor’s degree according to the requirements of his degree or college.

Pre- MEM Courses are also open for Non-credit applicants seeking Industrial Engineering knowledge for knowledge according to the availability of slots.
Attendance in these courses is vital since the students attending the classes will be granted an “Attendance Certificate without the numerical grading or credits.