MEM’s system allows students to register, add and drop courses, cancel registrations, withdraw, make payments, and credit balance refunds, as well as other options. Students must make the required payment on their institutional charges by the published deadline or they will be dropped for non-payment. Students dropped for non-payment will be required to repeat their registration process during the late registration period, and a late registration fee will be assessed.

Registration Guidelines

  1. All students who want to register must go to opera online.
  2. Late registration starts on the first day of the beginning of classes according to the college academic calendar of the semester and finished on the last day for adding courses.
  3. A maximum of 12 credit hours can be registered in one semester for full time students and 6 credit hours for part time ones.
  4. Students should follow and respect timetables of registration, add, drop and withdrawal according to the college academic calendar.
  5. Registering students must follow courses pre-requisite conditions.
  6. All forms of drop, add, late registration and withdrawals should be presented to the Finance Department for financial review.
  7. Registration steps are: 
  • Pay your fees.
  • Register online.

Add/Drop Policies

Students may add or drop courses without academic or financial penalties in the first 2 weeks of each term. An Add/Drop Form needs to be completed by the student in the MEM Registrar’s office or online if available. This form must be signed by both the course instructor and the student then returned to the Registrar’s office for processing.
After week 2, student cannot add courses.
In week 2, a student may drop a course but is liable for 25% of the tuition due on the course.
In week 3, a student may drop a course but is liable for 50 % of the tuition due on the course.
In week 5, a student may withdraw a course but is liable for 75 % of the tuition due on the course.
In week 10, a student may withdraw a course but is liable for 100% of the tuition due on the course. Refunds of tuition due on any course will be first applied to any (past-due student balances) before being remitted to the student.
Any student who drops a course after the end of week 4 will receive no refund of fees.

Withdraws Policies

A student may withdraw a course up until the end of the 14th week of the term without academic penalty. It will be shown as a “W”, withdraw, on his/her transcript. After week 14 of the term elapsed, all students will be awarded grades for their registered courses based on their assessment.

Maximum Load

Is the maximum number of credit hours allowed to be taken during a certain academic semester according to student’s GPA.

Registration for Non-Credit Courses

Students who wish to attend scheduled classes but not to earn credits can be permitted after the approval of MEM Executive Director. The instructor determines whether the potential student is appropriately prepared for the upcoming course and whether the potential student can attend the course without any disturbance to the regular students who are already attending. The fee will be 75% of the total course fee.