QDD key responsibilities and functions include the following (adapted by the key responsibilities of Quality Centers as indicated in NCAAA Handbook):

  • advising on university-wide priorities and strategies for quality improvement;
  • assisting internal academic and administrative units in the development of quality improvement strategies within their own areas;
  • establishing and monitoring self-assessment processes and reporting requirements;
  • arranging/providing training for faculty and staff in the institution together with advice and support as required;
  • developing and implementing a Quality Management System (QMS) describing the institution’s processes for quality assurance; specifying criteria for selection and formats for indicators, benchmarks, and objectives; preparing standard forms for matters such as student and graduates surveys; and advising on operational procedures for the planning and implementation of quality processes;
  • maintaining systematic collection of reports on performance, including data on indicators and benchmarks that will be required for analysis, and reporting on trends in performance and changes in the environment within which the institution is operating;
  • Coordinating and leading the preparation of periodic self-studies for consideration within the institution and for use in external reviews.