Deanship of Student Affairs Message

Dr. Mostafa A. Alam, 

Dean of Student Affairs

Dear students,

As the Dean of Student Affairs, I would like to welcome you all to the University of Business and Technology, a distinguished university that is dedicated to the holistic development of students by delivering its vision, which is "Education for Job Opportunities “. I sincerely hope that your experience on our campuses will be filled with joy and knowledge. Throughout the academic year, the Deanship of Student Affairs – both male and female sections- provides numerous activities and services that were created for the enrichment of students. Engaging in these activities will undoubtedly lead to a successful college experience and will enhance students' learning. I would like to encourage all students to become active on campus and make sure to utilize their surrounding resources as much as they can.

At the Deanship of Student Affairs, we strive to make our services inclusive and suitable for all students. We are separately located in the Deanship building to meet with students and hear their comments and suggestions in order to improve the quality of services and activities provided.

I wish you all a great and successful experience in the University of Business and Technology.

Best regards,,

Dr. Mostafa A. Alam,