Zaher Abusaq

Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering
General Director, General Department of Human Resources

College of Engineering

Major of Industrial Engineering - College of Engineering -D

I am an experienced professional engineer with skillsets varying from technical viewpoints to the organizational field. I specialize in Quality Management, Supply Chain, Systems Optimization. My aim is to obtain a challenging position in an organization that will utilize my organizational abilities, strong coordinating, planning and problem solving skills. On the other hand, I seek to enhance my expertise and knowledge through working in a professional environment.

Operations Research

o Facilities Planning

o Probability and Engineering Statistics

o Engineering Statistics

o Computer Applications in Industrial Engineering

o Material Handling and Packaging

o Simulation

o Supply Chain Management

o Warehouse Management

o Production Planning and Control

o Industrial Quality Control

Riyadh Bank, Saudi Arabia, Feb 2007 – Dec 2007

? 100 Accredited Training Hours, Credit Cards Division

• Albandariyah International Co. Jun 9th 2012

? I worked as Logistic Coordinator for Operations since June 2012 June 2013 ? Reviewing approving monthly order request plans, Track and improve material usage efficiency, engineering Supervising and managing 25 employees in the shop strong working relations with other functional areas


Quality Engineering

Reliability Engineering

Risk Analysis

Supply chain

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