About Sharaka

The University of Business and Technology is looking forward to being a model university, well known for its high quality worldwide in high specialized educational programs and applied scientific researching, through its partnership strategy to prepare future leaders with high skills and experiences. The university provides high quality educational programs which meet the requirements of the Saudi job market preparing students to excel as pioneers and leaders. Also, the university is determined to make use of its applied researches creating the proper academic atmosphere stimulating a continuous educational environment. In addition to this, the university is looking forward to combine efforts with all pioneer universities in various fields and work to participate in discoveries and inventions, as its clear for us that our role is more than of providing society with education, exceeding to adopt knowledge as basic orbit of the educational process, producing and passing on knowledge, enhancing the culture of creation and creativity. These are the main pillars which are necessary to form a new generation, able to work, communicate and build the economy of knowledge, a direction driven by creativity and modernization which ends to the renaissance of the nation and out of this thought, the soul of SHARAKA initiative came to life.



Our Partners


"SHARAKA" programs were designed to serve the society after conducting a comprehensive study to various sectors and their activities according to UBT’s existing academic programs, which are:

  • Education
  • Training
  • Serving the Society
  • Scientific Research


  • This kind of programs aims to develop the Saudi society and assist the youth to obtain the basic skills, which is required necessarily for their careers.
  • This kind of programs targets the graduates of the secondary stage who were not granted the opportunity to complete their university education and also the university graduates who did not join the career path to develop their abilities, skills and to train them to enter the job market raising their performance.
  • The programs include two main parts: First, developing the skills of English language, which is considered a basic requirement nowadays. the second part includes the training requirement on various fields according to the job market needs.

Fundamentals of the job market

This is a six-month program. Trainees will start by learning the basics of English language skills for two months, and then specialize in one of two paths:

  • Advertising
    The youth is this program is trained upon the required skills in the field of advertising and propaganda through four basic training skills: computer, information technology, introduction to advertisement, writing and editing skills and media production.
  • Management
    The youth in this program is trained upon the required skills in the field of management through four main training skills: finance, accounting, human resources management and administrative information systems.