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Research Structure

The University’s research activities are structured into five research centers, currently encompassing 18 disciplinary, as well as multi-disciplinary research hubs. The University can now boast of having more than 40 research active faculty, who are currently conducting applied research collaboratively with over 80 internationally reputed researchers. Researchers in these Research Hubs are working on real project and publishing their findings in high-ranking academic journals. The 2021-2022 plan is to publish 80 articles in Scopus indexed Q1/Q2 journals.

A glance at the Research Centers and Hubs:

RC1 Advertising, Media, and Communication Research Center

This Centre’s research is being undertaken in three Hubs:
  • RH1 Media, Culture, and Communication
  • RH2 Consumer Behavior
  • RH3 Marketing
Projects and investigative approaches used include Interactive narrative, virtual environments, visual communication, cultural identity, city identity, gender studies, post-truth theory, branding, sponsorship, green innovation, sustainable transportation, and health risk in food delivery.

RC2 Economics and Finance Research Center

Research is conducted in five hubs:
  • RH4 Economic issues and impacts
  • RH5 Corporate Governance & Disclosure
  • RH6 Islamic Finance & Sustainability
  • RH7 Energy economics & Finance
  • RH8 Sustainability & Behavioural Finance.
The projects that are investigated include: Corporate governance and social responsibility; governance structure, corporate earnings, audit quality, Board gender diversity, and corporate performance; job insecurity; sustainable finance; AI and behavioral finance; Islamic banking; financial liberalization and economic growth; monetary policy and sectoral energy consumption; renewable energy; waste management and the circular economy; IT, trade energy, emission and growth; carbon risk and capital structure; and oil prices and impact on stocks.

RC3 Law Research Center

Researchers conduct research in two hubs:
  • RH9 Insurance & Human Rights
  • RH10 Environmental Law
The researchers have directed their attention to investigating the legal implications for cleaner and more sustainable environment, as well as environmental disasters and human rights concerns.

RC4 Management Research Center

Research is undertaken in three hubs:
  • RH11 Organisational Behaviour
  • RH12 Managing Creativity and Innovation & HRM
  • RH13 Strategy & Organizational Development.
Empirical research focuses on team leadership, diverse workgroups, LMX differentiation, citizenship behavior, work-based deviance, innovation management, and strategy.

RC5 Science and Engineering Research Center

Research is conducted in five hubs:
  • RH14 Advanced Materials & Technologies for Energy Conversion and Storage
  • RH15 Artificial Intelligence & Data Science
  • RH16 Renewable Energy & Power Systems
  • RH17 Mathematical Models, Nanobiotechnology & Energy Applications
  • RH18 Industry 4.0
Researchers are undertaking research in materials improvement and innovation; artificial intelligence and data science; renewable energy and power systems; mathematical modelling; nanotechnology, and digital convergence and value creation processes.

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We encourage our research groups to collaborate with each other across disciplines to make the most of our incredible knowledge base and expertise. In this way we hope to stretch boundaries, challenge traditional ways of thinking, and provide innovate towards solutions to current problems.

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We invest millions of Saudi Riyals in the development of our research facilities to ensure that our faculty and students have the very best equipment and facilities. We also have collaborative agreements with top institutions, like KAUST, which enable us to use their excellent research capabilities in conducting our research.

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We collaborate with our research partners on projects that directly benefit industry, the economy and society. Collaboration helps us to push the boundaries of research even further.

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we have 17 specialized research groups, 39 UBT active researchers, and 80 collaborating international researchers. The plan for the year is to publish 76 journal articles in Q1/Q2 ranked journals, 1 book chapter, and 6 Books

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Our research center is home to some of the most innovative researchers and research projects in the world.