We aspire to be one of the top twenty digital universities locally, regionally and internationally to enable the university to take advantage of the opportunities in the digital age to improve the quality of educational services and unify them through digital transformation. We aspire for the universe.


To Provide and develop high-quality digital solutions that support all sectors of the university to be a pioneer in the digital age.

Message From Vice President of Digital Services

The world is now experiencing a very important digital revolution which is extremely dangerous and very influential to all aspects of Businesses. Velocity is the main trait of this revolution. This revolution is extremely dangerous and extremely influential. It is dangerous because any business will collapse if it does not cope with it, and extremely influential because its effect is like the edge of the sword in it there are positives and there are negatives. Any business will be highly successful if that business becomes aware of the digital demands and meet them.

The influence of the digital world did not exclude any of the spheres of life .. Among those areas is the field of education, in which the influence of the digital world has reached all its aspects. It is very important to reconcile with this world and not to confront it .. Confrontation means defeat , backwardness, and finally failure .. As for reconciliation, it means keeping pace with it and meeting its demands. This process entails tracking all innovations the digital era brings and utilize them. As we are involved in the field of education, all educational institutions must be careful to keep pace with the digital era and its developments and to adopt the new technologies produced by this era .. For all these reasons, The University of Business & Technology (UBT) has been keen to keep pace with the era in a very high level by establishing vice presidency office for digital services which I have the honor to carry out its tasks .. This step is unprecedented. Tis office has been working on pursuing all the technical outputs of the digital world and adopting them, and it has succeeded in that with the grace of Allah, and then with the support of the university leaders who did not spare any effort to support all the projects we adopted. Among those projects is the MIAPP, which is an application that includes the services provided by the university and all the services needed by the stakeholders, including students, faculty members, graduates, employees, parents, university leaders, guests and all employees of the university administration, whether these services are related to the university or external services which can be accessed through links placed in the application ..

The university also adopts the HYBRID LEARNING project and conducted an experiment in it, PROOF OF CONCEPT, and succeeded in implementing this type of education and the university is now preparing classrooms for display screens and hybrid learning technology.

The university also succeeded in adopting virtual laboratories and conducted a PROOF OF CONCEPT experiment taken from the curriculum of the College of Engineering presented by a faculty member. This experiment succeeded and the university is now working on expanding the scope of this project to include it with all the experiments, studios in the College of Advertising, the Virtual Court and the laboratories of the College of Business Administration ..

The university, represented by the University vice presidency for digital services continues to follow up and pursue developments in this era and adopts all new concepts to ensure that its programs and technologies keep pace with the digital era and the job market, based on its slogan that it adopts: "education for job opportunities" and the UBT is like the rest of its sisters public and private universities and all public institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enjoy the care, support, and attention of the leadership of our dear country, under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his trustworthy Crown Prince, may Allah preserve them and grant them every good.

May Allah protect our country and grant it support to be a beacon for the world .. And may Allah grant every sincere effort to serve our religion, our country and its people.

And Allah is the Conciliator and he is the Guider to right path.