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The College of Business Administration began its advent into Jeddah society in the year 2000 as the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) that granted diplomas in various business-related courses with a small number of students of both genders in two locations. IBA rapidly grew due to the high quality and standard of education it offered. In 2003, the College of Business Administration (CBA) was founded. CBA is a prominent business education college that seeks to provide the highest standards, nationally and internationally, to meet the labor market needs. The current goal CBA is striving towards, is to be a nationally and internationally leading college in providing higher business education and applied scientific research, as well as providing an attractive environment for students and faculties to serve the society and the labor market with quality and innovation. The CBA Bachelor Degree programs follow an interrelated combination of theoretical and practical approaches to education. Thus, students cultivate inclusive and advanced business knowledge that challenges the traditional approaches to business education.

In view of this, our graduates are fully equipped to:

  • Start their own business
  • Be of value to their organization from the moment they are employed
  • Make informed and strategically oriented business decisions.

In order to meet the high demand for skilled graduates and professionals in the Saudi and international markets, the CBA offers 8 different business programs, as follows:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Insurance
  • Management Information System
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Retail Management.


All CBA Bachelor Degree programs have a common structure that consists of 131 Credit Hours (CR Hrs), including 14 hours for the University Requirements; 81 credit hours for the College Requirements; and 36 credit hours for the Major Requirements courses.


To be recognized as a leading business school in the region, developing modern business competencies, entrepreneurial skills, and applied research to deliver business education aligned with international standards.


CBA provides high-quality business education aligned with national and international standards and pursues applied research that contributes to the broader community. Its academic programs equip students with the skills and knowledge required to become successful leaders and entrepreneurs in the local and global business environments.

Dean Message - Male campus

I am pleased and honored to welcome you to the College of Business Administration at the University of Business and Technology. At the College of Business Administration, we seek to enhance the capabilities of our students to adopt the idea of ​​entrepreneurship and our motto is education for work.  Therefore, 85% of our graduates enter the labor market within the first 6 months of their graduation.  We support our students in innovation and creativity and teach them how to turn their ideas into successful projects and sustainable enterprises. The college provides a bachelor's degree in business administration for 8 updated programs that keep pace with the requirements of the labor market, and these programs include: accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, insurance and risk management, management information systems, supply chain management, and retail management. Our CBA programs are accredited by the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA). The CBA is also accredited by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Furthermore, CBA is a member of the Association to Advance Collegiate Businesses (AACSB) and the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). It is also worth mentioning that the accounting department is accredited by (ICAEW) the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.CBA has already established itself as one of the outstanding business schools in Saudi Arabia. Because of our belief in development and innovation, we at the College of Business Administration constantly review, evaluate and develop our programs, curricula and teaching methods to raise the efficiency of our graduates and provide them with the best ways to meet the changing demands of the labor market day after day, and then respond optimally to the challenges and needs of society. In this context, our college is proud to work on developing two new majors, namely Business Analysis and Sports Management, which will be available to students, whether from inside or outside the Kingdom, before the end of 2022, God willing. Our college is proud to have a distinguished constellation of senior researchers and professors with academic and practical experience who strive to provide innovative, comprehensive and impactful educational experiences for our students.The high-quality research outputs of faculty members and graduate students in the college also contribute to the continuous enrichment and development of knowledge, and a positive impact on the business community. The past few years have revealed profound and global challenges to the global economy and society that need to be addressed.  Those challenges include, for example, business sustainability, inflation, and climate change.It is worth noting that the goal of business is not only to create economic or financial value, but also to create social and environmental values.  Our faculty members are dedicated to educating and inspiring our students not only to create financial value but also to bring about positive change and address the challenges facing society. And if the past few years have taught us anything, it is certainly that we need to be more compassionate and concerned with each other, with society, and with the world in which we live.That is why we strive for our graduates, faculty, and teaching and research practices to make a real positive impact on society and the world around us.  Hence, as officials, we feel a deep sense of responsibility to help prepare generations capable of creating a sustainable and prosperous future in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Joining the College of Business Administration makes you an active part of a strong network and a vibrant and connected community of students, faculty, alumni, businesses and other partners.  We are pleased that many of our graduates have assumed senior leadership positions in a wide range of organizations and sectors, and that many of them have become successful entrepreneurs who contribute to the growth and prosperity of the economy and business environment in the Kingdom and be potential leaders in the programs of the Kingdom's Vision 2030.  We are also proud that many of our college graduates have become leaders in their fields and symbols of positive change in society, led by the Minister of Sports in the Kingdom.If you are considering joining the College of Business Administration, we invite you to visit us at the University's Student Service Center or browse and browse our website and explore our wide range of academic programs, faculty profiles, and the latest college news and information. The future of business starts here! And if you are a faculty member, employee or current student, we are happy and excited that you have chosen us and become a part of our family, enjoy your journey at the College of Business Administration (University of  Business and Technology University).Dr. Abdulwahab Mossab Abukwaik

Dean Message - Female Campus

Dean of the College of Business Administration (Female Campus)Associate Professor Dr. Haneen Mohammad Shoaib. I am pleased to welcome you to the College of Business Administration (CBA), the Mother College of the University of Business and Technology.The college was created to prepare young professionals to go out in the world and make their mark in the labor market and entrepreneurship scene in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular and the Gulf region in general.Business innovation is a feature of the Kingdom's vision 2030. CBA has filled this gap since its inception as it builds the competencies required to meet the market needs of specialists in the business sector.Those who join the college can specialize in one of the eight accredited specializations offered at the Bachelor's and Master's levels. They are marketing, accounting, finance, human resources, supply chain management, management information systems, insurance & risk management, and retail management.Upon graduation and completion of the bachelor's stage, all graduates will receive accredited vocational training to obtain an internationally recognized diploma to support their professional career path.It is important to mention that the college relies on practical education in addition to theoretical science to keep pace with the needs of the local and global market. Therefore, all study materials are based on the analysis of actual case studies that represent the expected reality in the field of professional work.CBA is accredited by the national accreditation body NCAAA, in addition to the Association of Charted Certified Accountants (ACCA), and it is a member of the Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) as well as the EFMD Global Network Association. This makes the college one of the most outstanding business colleges in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Thankfully, many batches have graduated and have proven themselves working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad, where they hold highly esteemed administrative positions. 85% of our graduates get their job offers during their cooperative training period, part of their study plan. Our graduates work in the public and private sectors, and some have started their own businesses. This would not have been the case without them being prepared through their studies via English at the College of Business Administration, participation in periodic conferences, summer studies outside the Kingdom, and business activities locally and internationally.We are very proud of the college's graduates and students because they are indeed an example of the balance of academia and practice, and their achievements are there for everyone to witness. I want to confirm that this passionate spirit stems from their distinguished professors who foster their skills in the business sector to produce excellence and innovation in a country that expects a lot from them to realize its ambitious vision.

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The College Advisory board has been established at the College of Business Administration, Partnership Planning, the College, and the local community, and expressing an opinion on developing programs and curricula in light of the labor market requirements, as well as the members of the board. The advisory board consists of the following:

1- Dean of the college - president
2- Vice Dean of the College - Secretary of the Advisory Council
3- The Vice Dean of the College - member
4- Representative of the Deanship of Development and Quality - member
5- Representative of the Deanship of Scientific Research - member
6- Head of the Accounting Department - Member
7- Head of Finance Department - Member
8- Head of Marketing Department - Member
9- Head of Information Systems Department - Member
10- Head of the General Department - member
11- Head of Supply Chain Management Department - Member
12- Head of Human Resources Department - Member
13- Head of Insurance and Risk Management Department - Member
14- A member of the faculty - member
15- Mr. Saeed Mohammed Al Bassami, Member (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saeed Al Bassami Company).
16- Prof. Hussain Abdo Member (Director of research and enterprise for University of central Lancashire, UK).
17- Dr. Abdullah Matad Al-Khalidi Member (Member of the Federation of Administrative Consultants - USA).
18- Kholoud Al-Dosari Member (Director of Relations and Communication Department at the Financial Academy).

19- Dr. Ameen Alharbi- member 

20- Dr. Amira Alturki - member 



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Mail:  P.O. Box 33335
Postal Code: 21448
Jeddah Saudi Arabia