University of Business and Technology Training Center Brief


The UBT Training Center, a unified platform formed from the merger of the Learning Teaching and Development Center and the Executive Education Center, serves as a focal point for faculty, students, and staff professional development.

This center is dedicated to advancing teaching excellence and administrative capabilities, contributing significantly to UBT's educational quality and student achievement through its targeted programs and initiatives.

UBT Training Center - A Synthesis of Excellence and Innovation


The UBT Training Center, inaugurated in Spring 2023, is a pioneering initiative born from the amalgamation of the Learning and Teaching Center (formerly the Faculty Development Center) and Executive Education. This strategic merger was decreed to consolidate the strengths of both entities to further the mission and vision of the University of Business and Technology (UBT).

The training center empowers UBT faculty, students, staff, and business professionals through cutting-edge training programs, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development that aligns with the dynamic demands of academia and industry.

At the forefront of UBT's strategic vision, the Training Center is our commitment to educational excellence and professional development. Established in the Spring of 2023, it embodies a unified progression of the LTDC and Executive Education, reinforcing UBT’s strategic objectives. The Center champions innovative pedagogy, industry-relevant training, and leadership cultivation, forming the backbone of UBT’s mission to deliver a transformative, student-centered educational experience.

Philosophy: 'UBT Way' - Purposeful Learning and Teaching

Inspired by Mark Van Doren’s adage, "The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery," the UBT Training Center embraces and propels the 'UBT way' of Purposeful Learning and Teaching. This philosophy is characterized by:

  • Innovative Teaching Methodologies: Emphasizing creative and impactful teaching methods to foster engaging and transformative learning experiences.
  • Engaging Assessments: Focusing on assessments that assure and quantify learning outcomes, ensuring educational objectives are met effectively.
  • Professional Quality Codes: Setting benchmarks in education and training that reflect professional quality and excellence.

Offerings of the UBT Training Center

Faculty Development Opportunities

Student Programs

UBT Staff Development Programs

Executive Education and International Certifications

Developmental Activities for Faculty Evaluation

From UBT to UBT

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