Thanks & Appreciation Message

Dr. Abdullah S.Dahlan
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

The University of Business and Technology is one of the leading private universities in the fields of business and technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the city of Jeddah, and based on the university’s slogan “Education for Job Opportunities,” it seeks to excel and improve the quality of educational outputs in all scientific and research fields to bridge the gap between education and labor market requirements by adopting curricula and strategies based on building academic quality in all colleges and academic programs, and using the latest information technologies in providing their programs to gain an advanced position in higher education institutions in the Kingdom and the Arab world, The university obtained a 5-star rating from QS International and was listed among the best universities in the Arab world for the year 2022. It also obtained full institutional accreditation from the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA). In addition to the accreditation of 10 academic programs from the Education and Training Evaluation Authority represented by the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment, and the Bachelor of Finance program at the College of Business Administration obtained international academic accreditation from the European Organization for Administrative Development EFMD, in addition to the university’s membership in the International Federation of Universities, the Association of Arab Universities and many local and international memberships, placing the university in a distinguished academic and leadership position among Saudi universities, at the regional and international levels. With all pride, honor and appreciation, I extend my sincere thanks to everyone who contributed and participated in the university’s attainment of these great and distinguished achievements, especially represented by the University Rectorship of Development and Quality, deanships of colleges, heads of scientific departments and faculty members, looking forward to continued progress, development and more successes.


  • October 2018

    Signing the program accreditation agreement for 14 programs with the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation. Out of the 14 programs, 5 programs applied for renewing their Program accreditation (Accounting, finance, Marketing, Human Resources Mnagament and Mnagement Information Systems) and 9 programs applied for program accreditition for teh first time (Insurance and risk management, Supply chain management, Civil Engineering , Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Software Engineering, Advertising management, Advertising communication and Advertising Creative Design).

  • February 2019

    Helding the first meeting to follow up the progress of action plans for the programs accreditation.

  • March 2019

    His Excellency Dr. / Mohamed Madani , advisor to the National Ceneter for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation, visited UBT to follow up on the progress of work plans and present an introductory workshop on academic accreditation, its steps and requirements

  • October 2019

    Helding a meeting with the program accreditation administration in Riyadh to discuss the progress of the 14 program accreditation plans.

  • October - December 2020

    Holding workshops, introductory workshops and meetings with accreditation consultants Hold periodic meetings to follow up on the progress of action plans

  • December 2020

    The final submission of all evidence and documents for the academic accreditation for all the 14 programs

  • January 2021

    Virtual verification visits were held by the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation for the four advanced programs for accreditation from the College of Engineering(civil engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, and software engineering

  • January - February 2021

    The external Revieiwers visits for the four advanced programs for accreditation from College of Engineering as Follow Electrical Engineering program and Industrial Engineering program from January 31 to February 3. Civil Engineering program and Software Engineering program from February 14 to February 17.

  • February 2021

    Virtual verification visits were held by the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation for the seven advanced programs for accreditation from the College of Business (Accounting, finance, Marketing, Human Resources Mnagament, Mnagement Information Systems, Insurance and risk management, and Supply chain management).

  • March 2021

    Virtual verification visits were held by the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation for the three advanced programs for accreditation from the Jeddah College of Advertising (Advertising management, Advertising communication and Advertising Creative Design). The external Revieiwers visits for the four advanced programs for accreditation from College of Business as Follow: Marketing program from Mrach 7 to March 10. Finance program and Supply Chain Program March 21 to March 24. Accounting Program from Mrach 28 to Mrch 31.

  • April 2021

    The external Revieiwers visits for two programs were held as Follow: Management Information Systems program from April 4 to April 7. Advertising Creative Design from April 4 to April 7.

  • September 2021

    The external Revieiwers visits for three programs were held as Follow: Human Resources Mnanagement program from Septemeber 19 to September 21. Insurance and Risk Management Program from Septemeber 19 to September 21. Advertising Communication Program from Septemeber 26 to September 28

  • October 2021

    Announcement of the Accreditation Results.

  • December 2021

    University of Business and Technology is proud to be fully accredited for the period November 2021 to October 2024

  • March 2022

    UBT announce the accreditation of 4 more BSc. Programs from the National Center of Evaluation and Academic Accreditation









Program Preparatory Visits

External Program Review Visits

Days of External Review

National and International External Accreditation Experts

Sessions with Various Stakeholders

Hours of Assessment by External Experts

Participants and Representatives / UBT Stakeholders


College of Business Administration
  • Dr.Farah Durani
  • Dr.Abdul Malik Abdul Hafeez Syed
  • Dr.Hoda Mohammed Abdulaziz Mansour
  • Mrs.Dalia Mohammed Abdulateef Hussien
  • Mr.Mostafa Fawzi Mohammed Mosly
  • Mrs.Kholoud Yousif Salem Bajunaid
  • Mrs.Huda Mohammed Manar AlAtassi
  • Dr. Mohammad Abdulrazzq Al-hnaity
  • Mrs.Roa Fawzi Qubouri
  • Prof.Abdulhamed Abdullatef Ibraheem Mahboub
  • Mrs.Ranime Abdulghani Eladhami
  • Dr.Fahad Abdulaziz Saeed Aldhaban
  • Dr.Mohammed Ahmad Al-said Abdullah
  • Dr.Amjad Hamed Ahmed Roboey
  • Dr.Halah Othman Mohammed Nassif
  • Mrs.Hawazen Awad Abbas Metair
  • Mr.Mohammed Minhajuddin Basheeruddin
  • Dr. Ramzia Hisham Ahmed Albakri
  • Dr. Bassam Atallah Alqarallah
  • Dr. Kinda Rabea Dahlan
  • Mrs.Houria Mohammad Hamiduddin
  • Dr.Ahmed Sibai abdulhamid Kotb
  • Dr.Qadri Mustafa Mohammed Al jabri
  • Prof.Ayman Mohammed Zereban
  • Dr.Abdullah Faisal Mohammed Silawi
  • Dr.Mohammed Abdullah Al-Mekhlafi
  • Mrs.Wid Ali Mohammed Hindi
  • Mrs.Ghadeer Tariq Suliman Ureiga
  • Mrs.Abeer Hamed Daud Al-Tahleh
  • Dr.Hatem Hassan Faraj Jarmon
  • Dr.Sharifah Fatimah Binti Syed Ahmed
  • Dr.Abdulelah Abdulaziz Al-Thagafi
  • Dr.Mohammed Zulfeeqour Alam
  • Mrs.Kholod Khalid Mahmoud Aggad
  • Mr.Rayan Fouzi Mohammed Mosly
  • Dr.Ghadeer Ghassan Kayal
  • Mr.Mohammad Ali Abdullah Hurieb
  • Dr.Ahmed Mohammed Mohammed Ali Attia
  • Dr.Hasan Abobakar Ahmed Balfaqih
  • Dr.Mohammed Taj Ali Hejazi
  • Dr. Salah Mahmoud Sadaqh Abounar
  • Mrs.Bayan Saud Abdulgadir Arab
  • Mr.Mosaab Abdulgader Saleh Habani
  • Mrs.Dina Ali Mohammed Allam
  • Prof.Mohammed Ghazi Saber Ibrahim
  • Dr.Moamen Atef Mohammed Ali
  • Dr. Eiman Ahmed Osseilan
  • Prof.Sayeeduzzafar Qazi Zafar Ulaziz
  • Mrs.Dalia Omar Abdullah Taibah
  • Mrs.Nadra Fouad Mohammed Omar Tawfig
  • Dr.Ahmed Mohammed Jamil Asfahani
  • Dr.Edwin Espiritu Tan
  • Dr.Bushra Shihab Mohammed Maki Jamjoom
  • Mrs.Alaa Ibraheem Ahmed Lary
  • Mrs.Suhad Ahmed Mohammed Farsi
  • Dr.Mona Nagiub Mohammed Mousa
  • Mr.Shoaiburehman Shamim Ahmed
  • Dr.Hatoon Zuhain Kadi
Jeddah College of Engineering
  • Dr.Ramiz Abed Mohammed Assaf
  • Dr.Mohammed Ahmed Mahmoud Kanan
  • Dr.Siraj Khaled Saleh Zahran
  • Dr.Hatan Talal Abdullah Alsharif
  • Dr.Talal Mohammed Ghazali Alyamani
  • Dr.Zaher Hamad Mohammed Abusaq
  • Dr.Salem Mousa Salem Aljazzar
  • Dr.Alaa Fouad Mohammed Momena
  • Dr. Anas Ahmed Salah Alghamri
  • Dr.Asem Majed Othman
  • Dr.Maged Hassan Hussein Daoud
  • Dr.Remon Fayek Aziz Eskander
  • Dr.Wael Fawzy Mohammed Mobarak
  • Dr.Yasser MAHMOUD Abdul-maged
  • Dr.Mazen Reshed Garaleh
  • Dr.Mohammed Suror Hasan AlAhdali
  • Dr.Waleed Ahmed Nureldeen Mohammed
  • Dr.Amr Mohammed Abdelkader
  • Dr.Issam Farouk Badrawi Attia
  • Dr.Mohamed Hamed Mahmoud Azab
  • Dr.Noha Fawzy Abdelazim Aly
  • Dr.Amro Hussin Abdelhamid Yousef
  • Dr.Basmah Mohammed Zaineldeen Alzain
  • Dr.Basem Abdel Jalel Ali Abu Izneid
  • Dr.Ali Mohammed Mahmoud Elrashidi
  • Dr.Mohammed Ali Awad Al Qarni
  • Dr.Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Emara
  • Dr.Elsayed Abdelrazek Elsayed
  • Dr.Samer Adnan Mahmoud Bali
  • Dr.Louai Aiman Abdulrahman Maghrabi
  • Dr.Rania Ahmed Saleh Baashirah
  • Eng.Raed Ahmed Alawfi
  • Mr.Syed Muqtar Ahmed Syed Zameer
  • Dr. Hanadi Ahmad Hakami
  • Eng. Mohammed Shajhan Kannu
  • Eng.Sami Abdulghani Abdulgader Alfattani
  • Dr.Rami Salh Taha Nahas
  • Dr.Abdulkareem Ibrahim Mohammad Afandi
Jeddah College of Advertising
  • Mrs.Safa Safwan Murib
  • Mrs.Sarah Foad Abdraboh Zuhairy
  • Mrs.Arshia Fazlul Rahman
  • Mrs.Areej Hamzah Mohammed Shabanah
  • Dr.Ioannis Kontos Kontos Kontos
  • Mrs.Rabeem Yousef Sadagah Saleem
  • Mr.Abdel Qader Kamal Mohd Said Alnobani
  • Mrs.Fatemah Adnan Baharith
  • Eng.Shil Saleem Parakulam
  • Mr.Saleh Hashem Saleh Altakrouri
  • Mr.Hussam Fuad Moustafa Adham
  • Mrs.Rasha Mohammed Saeed Alamoudi
  • Dr.Khalid Ali Abdullah Alshohaib
  • Dr.Ibrahim Majid Subeh
  • Mrs.Daniah Mohammed Ali Bakur Jamjoum
  • Mr.Mahmoud Zaiter
  • Mrs.Nadeen Nasier Abdelazeem Jitan
  • Mrs.Maram Salim Eid Alsehli
  • Mrs.Adwa Abdulgader Bagader Alamoudi
  • Mrs.Tala Abdullah Hamad Linjawi
  • Dr.Raef Baalhasan Abdennadher
  • Mrs.Assma Attiah Ahmed Hakami
  • Mr.Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed Almohammedali
  • Mrs.Reine Zaki Abdulkader Elhoussami
  • Mrs.Balgees Osama Ahmed Nugali
  • Mr.Shadi Abdelfattah Hasan El-Emari
VPs and Assistant VPs
  • Dr. Weam Husni Tunsi
  • Dr.Mahmoud Omar Mahmoud Baeissa
  • Dr.Ali Saleh Saeed Alkhabti
  • Dr.Yussra Shuhab Mohammed Maki Jamjoom
  • Dr.Ghada Othman Nassief
  • Dr.Hatem Khalid Fadheel Akeel
  • Dr.Ameen Saleem Nafei Alharbi
  • Dr.Amira Modafar Jamal Turki
  • Dr.Abdulqader Othman Abdulqadr Ameer
  • Dr.Haneen Mohammed Saleh Shoaib
Vice Deans
  • Dr.Mahdy SALAH EDDIN JAMIL Othman
  • Dr.Hebah Kamal Ibrahim Jamal
  • Dr.Nesreen Saleh Siraj Waly
  • Dr.Mohammed Talat Hussain Ali Khouj
  • Dr.Afaf Dawood Solaiman Almoallem
  • Dr.Bader Khalid Ahmed Al Batati
  • Dr.Cristina Greco Greco Greco
Attending the Virtual Visits
  • Dr. Loay Bakr Naser Al-Tayar
  • Dr. Ruaa Omar Saddig Bin Saddig
  • Dr. Abdulwahab Mosab Abdulwahab Abukwaik
  • Dr. Amirah Mohammed Bahaauden
  • Dr. Megren Abdullah Saleh Altassan
  • Dr.Lobna Samih Sulaiman Sourour
  • Mr.Majed Salem Omar Bamaes
  • Mr.Fahad Abbas Abduljawad
  • Eng.Alaa Hussain Mohammed AlI Alalawi
  • Mr.Ahmed Abdullah Zailae Hajar
  • Mr.Abdullah Adeeb Bukhari
  • Mr.Abdullah Tariq Al-Abbasi
  • Mr.Ahmed Saeed Abdullah Bahurmuz
  • Mr.Masood Ahmed Khan
  • Mr.Yousef Ahmed Katlan
  • Mrs.Nouf Mansour Hamza Ghouth
  • Mr.Fehir Mokhlis Ali Shouib
  • Mrs.Aseel Saad Awad Alharthi
  • Mr.Ahed Abdulrahman Hassan Mohammed
  • Mrs.Basmah Atia Jabr AlJahdali
  • Mr.Jaffar Abdullah Nafe Al-Safri
  • Mr.Ahmed Khaled Ahmed Aljabri
  • Ms.Dania Mahrougi
  • Mr.Omar Ahmed Abdullah Al-Qudaimi
  • Prof.Ouafa Algarah
  • Dr. Sairah Al Qasim
  • Mrs.Huda Khalil Mohammed Al-Khaldi
  • Mr.Mohamoud Agiel Mahmoud Angawi
  • Mrs.Afnan Talal Mubarak Nawar
  • Mrs.Aisha Khamis Jumaa Khan
  • Mr.Ahmed Abdulrahman Abdulrahman
  • Mr.Mohammed Raza Farooq Rajwani M Farooq
  • Mrs.Sara Hassan Ahmed El-molla
  • Mrs.Ahmed Moustafa Abdultawab Mahmoud