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Jeddah College of Advertising (JCA) is the third college to be established at the University of Business and Technology (UBT). JCA works within the general objectives of the university: “Education for Job Opportunities and Entrepreneurship”. The college existed as a result of the fruitful collaboration and affiliation between Buckinghamshire New University in the United Kingdom at UBT. The general purpose of JCA is to provide students in Saudi Arabia and the surrounding countries with the opportunity to study advertising and its related fields in international programs that focus on hands-on applications and training rather than only theoretical study. Although the study programs in JCA are equivalent to those being taught in the best universities in the UK, they have been scientifically modified to accommodate the Saudi Education System.


To be a leading institution nationally and recognized internationally in advertising and communications domains serving the society and meeting the labor market demands through education and research.


JCA mission is to prepare talented graduates to become leading advertising communication professionals in the business environments through high-quality practical education and Research aligned with national and international standards serving the needs of the industry and the community.


It is my pleasure to welcome you and congratulate you on choosing Jeddah College of Advertising (JCA) to accomplish your educational pursuit and reach your career goals. The only college of its kind with its exclusive departments and to keep pace with job opportunities. JCA is full of creativity and inspiration. The curricula are designed and reviewed in collaboration with an American University partner with additional views from Saudi Arabia’s professional sector. In addition, the college has experienced high caliber International and Saudi faculty members teaching in English. Many students find jobs during the period of study since the college is collaborating with several public and private sectors. Enable to provide training and real projects to understand the industry and the market needs nationally and internationally. JCA are consists of technically practical resources that has large-scale studios and labs (Live stream studio, voice over, photography and Design studio) are used through the practical courses to ensure academic excellence and real experience of the job experience provided in the markets. The college has three distinguished departments (Advertising Management, Advertising Communication and Advertising Creative Design).The graduates will receive a diploma in communications from the International Advertising Association of the United States of America in New York, which is the international accreditation body for the college (IAA). Moreover, JCA is accredited by the NCAAA accreditation in Saudi. All the mentioned and more to empower the skills and the knowledge of the students to gather all advertising demands particularly in the digital era.

Dr. Hatoon Zuhair Kadi

Dean of Jeddah College of Advertising.


      1- Enroll high quality students in UBT’s colleges and programs
      2- Revise and update periodically JCA’s 3 existing programs, and develop new proposals to respond constantly to economic and socio-cultural changes.
      3- Improve and maintain JCA programs’ quality and impact through students’ outcome-based assessment and well-articulated Graduate Attributes (GAs).
      4- Implement JCA’s program level accreditation (nationally and internationally) from ministry, international professional associations and academic institutions.
      5- Integrate innovative learning and teaching strategies to improve student engagement and achievement of Learning Outcomes.
      6- Improve student success and overall learning experience.
      7- Improve student retention, progression, and completion rate across JCA’s programs and through effective advising and mentorship.
      8- Enhance attraction and retention of quality Faculty to meet JCA’s programs and research needs.
      9- Strengthening faculty and student research capability in line with the college’s core disciplines.
      10- Develop and join projects with national and international research teams.
      11- Improve and nurture UBT competitiveness through local and international partnerships with government, industry and education institutions
      12- Increase UBT’s faculty intellectual contribution and publications in reputable research outlets
      13- Design and deliver constantly community engagement events and activities to ensure a direct contact with the society.
      14- Improve the utilization of the university LMS and other educational technologies to support innovative learning and teaching within UBT
      15- Improve the curriculum through practice-based learning across the undergraduate and graduate programs
      16- Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of UBT’s academic and operational processes
      17- Improve the financial efficiency of the university
      18- Develop and nurture faculty and staff leadership and operational competencies across the UBT’s main and branch campuses

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Jeddah Campus

Address:      Abdulrahman fageeh, 
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Telephone:  +966 - 12 - 2326600
Call Center: 920000490
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info.jca@ubt.edu.sa JCA
Mail:  P.O. Box 33335
Postal Code: 21448
Jeddah Saudi Arabia